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    Mehregan Chem has tried to have an important affection in plating industrial with produce different productions. This company has R & D laboratory and try to being up to date.

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    Customers who are buying from our company can use from our services free. Our services contains analyze, constant, training.

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    With consider to the industrial's needs and according to our customer's requests, we are going toward clear future with relying to our professional experiences. We are discussing our products in solution part.

Alkaline Cleaner MPB AS

The first step in plating is cleaner the parts, if this step will be done well so it can lead to good adhesion.
For this reason, Mehregan Company has manufactured two processes : MPB AS , MPB AS 123
MPB AS is prepared as salt. This salt is the mixture of carbonates, silicates, phosphates and wetting agents. This salt is mixed with D.I. water in specific concentration and since the temperature becomes to the define range, the solution will be ready.
Require time is about 5 minutes for cleaning which is a short time. Replenishment of this solution is done with MPB AS salt directly after analyze.