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Zinc solutions are divided to three types. Acidic or chloric zinc, cyanide zinc and alkaline zinc.

The concentration of zinc ion is determined in the same way in three of solutions, by complexometric titration in alkaline medium. Just one thing must be considered that the cyanide one and alkaline zinc contain sulfide and sulfide can become a disturbing factor during analyze so the sample must be treated by lead carbonate before starting analyze.  Concentration of chloride is determined by two methods: Volhard and Mohr. Mohr is more general than volhard. Mohr method is done in neutral solution.Acid boric is a weak acid which cannot analyze by an alkaline solution directly so at first by adding a polyalcohol, acid boric converted to a strong organic acid which can be determined alkalimetrically. Ammonium ion is determined by neutralizing titration as well. In cyanide zinc solution, the concentration of cyanide is determined by silver nitrate as titrant. The concentration of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate can be analyzed by neutralization titration. In alkaline zinc, analyze of sodium hydroxide is the same in cyanide zinc.