• About Us ?

    Mehregan Chem has tried to have an important affection in plating industrial with produce different productions. This company has R & D laboratory and try to being up to date.

  • About Services ?

    Customers who are buying from our company can use from our services free. Our services contains analyze, constant, training.

  • About Processes ?

    With consider to the industrial's needs and according to our customer's requests, we are going toward clear future with relying to our professional experiences. We are discussing our products in solution part.

Setting up the Plating Plants

There are kinds of electroplating solutions such as nickel, copper, chromium, zinc, chromates, silver, gold,etc.

All of these plants have two similar things:

1. Making up the solution

2. Equips the plants.

Equipment contains tank, rectifier, anodes, anode's bag, bar, hook, cables, anode's basket, filter pomp, heater, rinsing tank, ventilator. Mehragan chem can provide both of them.